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(see Staff Profiles page ) are a group of bodyworkers utilizing skills to create changes that last beyond the length of the session and help you create change in your body, mind and lifestyle. Our sessions are personalized to your goal.

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Relaxation begins the moment you walk in the door at The Center. Comfort... peace... safety... you will feel totally at ease and welcome. The Center is about relaxation and healing therapies, but also about community. When we began more than 20 years ago, (as The Wellness Center), we were the first complementary massage practice in the Plainfield-Joliet region and pioneers in building a nurturing community.

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We Offer:
Associates at The Center are professional practitioners who are committed to the full-time practice of improving life-quality. They are licensed by the State of Illinois as Massage Therapists and are certified in various specialties. Our Associates have combined work experience of more than 130 years and average 100 hours of additional training per year.

Expansive Services. What makes The Center unique is the vast array of services we offer in addition to massage that allow clients to experience a full array of relaxation and healing therapies.

Value. The Center's Massage-a-Month Club offers members the opportunity to receive regular massage or reflexology sessions at a reduced rate. Regular clients are rewarded with specials throughout the year too!

Convenience. Hundreds of appointment times are available weekly. Day, night and Saturday hours are available to accommodate busy schedules.

Today, our community still grows as does our ever-expanding knowledge and skill. Choose The Center Associates and our professional colleagues who share our space and you'll know why we are the best choice for a better life through bodywork, exercise, stress reduction, balanced energy, natural products and a nurturing environment.

ALSO in The Center Offices and Classroom:

Rita Travis, brings a peaceful ambiance to her office for her practice as spiritual director and bodyworker  To schedule:  815-592-2376.

Chris Lynch, massage therapist, has created her office for relaxation massage in a cozy room filled with history and warmth. 815-483-0557

Dr. Martin Minney, D.C., non-force, chiropractor, to schedule 815-577-2424 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 

Eastern Healing has recently moved into The Center Office suites and we welcome this addition to our healing community.  630-653-4358

For information about professsionals sharing The Center Offices or Classroom check their individual websites or call their business numbers.

Creating this nurturing , safe and peaceful environment began before building. We are a "green" environmentally friendly office - with paint, carpeting, water, and radiant heated floors chosen to create the most relaxing and least toxic space for the most effective sessions.

From our filtered water, to our green tea, to our pure, safe, and beneficial skin care we want you to have an exceptional visit to our offices.

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